Horse Wellness and Interaction at Rein Forth Equine – Private Event

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AAC group demonstration with an opportunity to interact with the horses. Let Jules and her team at Rein Forth Equine show us how horses can help us with our challenges that we all face in our lifetime.

Jules and her team will teach us for about 45 minutes.  Participants and their caregivers can watch and listen while Jules teaches, then she will give an opportunity for the participants to come one at a time to visit with 3 different horses that will be available to interact with (petting or grooming).

* IMPORTANT * Please agree to and sign, bring these two signed copies to the event:

Liability Waiver

Social Media Consent and Release

* IMPORTANT * Ensure that you have read the safety considerations to be practiced:

Practical and Safety Considerations

Please arrive early at 10:15 AM (stay in vehicles parked at the driveway) with a start time of 10:30 AM and end time of 11:30 AM.


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